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Our Amber Series yellow lens glasses are specially crafted for those who enjoy long hours in front of LED TVs and computer screens. Professionals have established with scientific evidence how blue light suppresses the build-up of melatonin in the human brain; it is the chemical that helps you sleep. Blue light keeps us awake during the day. However, blue light from TVs, smartphones, computers, and other screen types can develop severe sleeping disorders. 

Amber Series anti UV glasses are a multi-purpose spec that not only protects you during the day but also blocks blue light from electronic screens from affecting your melatonin build-up. These yellow lens glasses filter both UV and blue light 100% guaranteeing your safety no matter where you use them. 

Also, the ergonomic frame is inspired by branded anti-glare UV protection glasses to enhance comfort and avoid headaches from tight fitting temples. The frame also adapts a vintage design to give you a more charming & attractive look. Our yellow lens computer glasses are perfect for indoors, but also provide you a clearer vision in low light & cloudy conditions when outdoors.   

Our classic unisex yellow lens glasses are available in eight attractive frame designs including popular Leopard, Transparent White, Matte Black, Purple, and four other amazing patterned frames. An excellent gift for techies and those who enjoy long hours in front of LED TVs grab this classic design anti-blue light yellow lens glasses pair for a thoughtful gift this holiday season. 



  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Type: Resin Lens
  • Weight: 24g