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Mechanical keyboards are taking over, these popular ergonomic keyboards are gaining great popularity for their crispy taps and colorful LED patterns. Our Dabbler series rainbow LED keyboards are a superb peripheral to bring boring desktops to life. This wired USB mechanical keyboard is a perfect partner for home users and occasional gamers, while they are perfect for daily typing. 

The ergonomic minimalist design is adapted from popular IBM mechanical keyboards to allow people to quickly get acquainted. Due to their small size, Dabbler series keyboards are a perfect match to attach to laptops and have also been featured on Reddit's mechanical keyboard forums for their affordability. Although categorized as cheap mechanical keyboards, our Dabbler series is one of the best budget mechanical keyboards to go with if you are looking to test the tech for the first time. 

This awesome ergonomic mechanical keyboard series comes in 87 buttons and 104 buttons versions. You can also select from four mechanical keyboard & mouse bundles to match your desktop. A superb buy for Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Years.     

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are built using high-quality spring activated keys, and now come embedded with backlit LED patterns. The key switches are designed in accordance to user preferences which can vary from gaming, typing, and routine home use. The M model IBM mechanical keyboard of the 1980s was the very first of its kind until soft rubber key switches were introduced in the 1990s. 


  • Net Weight: 980g
  • Keycap Technology: ABS + PC Material Button / Keycap Ray Carving 
  • Interface Type: USB
  • USB Cable Length: 150cm
  • Dimension: 440(L) x 135(W) x 3.5(H) mm
  • Backlight Color:  Rainbow Light