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Yellow lens glasses are a popular way to protect the eyes from excess blue light emanating from the sun, electronic screens, and UV light. Our Heliac Series anti-blue light men's glasses are the perfect companion for those who enjoy long hours in front of the computer, phone, and TV screens. Blue light directly affects the build up a melatonin in your brain, a chemical that allows the human brain to sleep during the night. Since there are massive levels of blue light during the day you stay awake. During the night however exposed to LED computer, TV, and smartphone screens your brain cannot develop melatonin due to the blue light exposure from these devices. 

Heliac Series yellow lens glasses are specially developed to filter out both blue light & UV rays to help you develop good sleeping habits. Blue light blocking glasses have gained great popularity after people have complained about the loss of sleep after watching TV for long hours. During the day, you can expect 100% UV protection and clearer vision in low light conditions when outside with our classic design yellow lens safety glasses. 

Heliac Series anti-UV glasses are constructed from superior quality acetate to give you a tougher frame and lighter temples to avoid headaches. The ergonomic design has been adapted from trending branded wear to ensure you get the same attractive look as with top luxury wear.

Our selection of Heliac Series specs includes eight frame designs to choose from especially when its a gift. These blue light glasses are perfect for gamers, TV nuts, and those who are constantly stuck to their smartphones. Alternatively, yellow lens glasses are also a popular choice for cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts who experience low light & cloudy weather. 


  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Type: Resin Lens
  • Weight: 25.8g