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We bring our DOTA 2, Wolrd of Warcraft, and League of Legends fans a magnificent selection of small, medium and extra large gaming mouse pads. Ice Dragon series XL mouse pads are the perfect scrolling surface for strategy gamers who demand inch perfect DPI and click rate. Made from high-quality rubber and covered with braided fabric, the Ice Dragon series is inspired by a top professional gaming mouse pad to give you an affordable premium alternative.

This classic gaming mouse pad series also offers you improved speed and enhanced control thanks to the lock-edge outline that keeps your hand from slipping off the mouse mat. In addition, gamers can also place their keyboards, mics, and drinks on these large mouse pads. Yes, the fabric and thick rubber are improved to sustain liquid damage in case of a spill and is easily washable.  

Ice Dragon series gaming mouse mats are available in three sizes and two fabric variants. Fabric variants include a smooth nylon gaming mouse pad for 'speed' and a braided fabric for 'control.' Pick the ideal fabric and size for your online gaming today and enjoy infinite scrolling to get that perfect result.  



Size: 20x30 cm, 35x44cm, 30x80cm, 30x70cm
Material: Rubber

Surface: Control 

  • Great for low-sensitivity Gaming
  • More control without sacrificing speed
Surface: Speed
  • Great for high-sensitivity Gaming
  • Accuracy with very little friction
  • Ultra-smooth tracking surface